SBIC 2020 Calendar of Events

All events after February 2020 have been canceled with the exception of the Hook Race in August.  The2020 cancelled events will be discussed for future 2021 events post pandemic.

(Ideas for 2021 Social Events)

Future events in no specific order:
– Expand Education Opportunities: Members were interested in hearing educational sessions from the Georgia Marine Institute and Grays Reef Marine Sanctuary as well as water training focusing on seamanship and water safety.
– Contract with Capt Mike’s “Island Explorer” Pontoon Boat for outings to Wassau Island and sunset cruise on the Wilmington River.
– SIBC boat owners get together for group sails.
– Partner with The Landings Sailing Program (TLSP) as a reciprocal relationship to expand interest and membership in both organizations (TLSP and SIBC).  As an example, TLSP opened up its December 2020 sail to interested SIBC members held on Sunday, 13 December at Landings Harbor.
– Continue Tiki Bar Sundays at Landings Harbor every Sunday afternoon between April-October (Tiki Bar Sundays are BYOB).
– SIBC Bingo Night.
– 2021 Hook Race at Landings Harbor: This year’s event is targeted to be held in September.
– SIBC Year End Bash: Usually held in October.