Lee CarrollCommodore, Lee Carroll

Lee has been a boater for 60 years and a boat owner for over 48 years. He is the first elected Commodore of Skidaway Island Boating Club beginning January, 2016. Lee took over steerage duties in mid-2015 .

Lee has an incredible boating background and leadership resume including memberships in The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, serving as House Committee Social Chairman, Changhi Sailing Club (Singapore), Manila Yacht Club, serving on the Race Committee, the Miles River Yacht Club (MD), and the Sandy Hook Yacht Club, (NJ) and others.  Professionally, Lee has been CEO of a container shipping company and of a container terminal in Hong Kong.  He has been integral to the formation of the club as our second Founding Director and our first elected Commodore. Email:

Roger HerrickVice Commodore,             Roger Herrick

Roger has long been active both above and below the water line. During his  30+ years as a scuba diver, he was one of the first to enter U-853, the last Nazi sub sunk during World War II. Roger was also Vice President and then President of the 200 member Sea Strollers diving club in Connecticut. Above the water line, Roger started as a power boat owner, then moved to sail boating out of Mystic, Ct. and San Diego, CA. Professionally Roger was president of Toastmasters (CA), owner of Futurekids (CT),  and retired from Intel Corp. As Vice-Commodore, Roger wears many different yachting caps including being instrumental in club communications and social events. In 2017, Roger is co-chairing the Hook Ocean Race of 2017. He is putting  his skills to work charting the day to day as well as the future course of SIBC. Email:

Cam HarveyDirector at Large,                Cam Harvey

Cam was also part of the original effort that lead to the creation of SIBC. He has been a boater for 60 years and a member of the South Shore Yacht Club (CA). Since moving to The Landings, Cam has served as a chair of The Landings Association Marina Committee. Professionally Cam has held senior positions in Conceptual Development and Organizational Leadership. Cam lends an invaluable voice during board meetings. He brings perspective and a depth of knowledge about Skidaway Island as well as boating.

Paul ReddickDirector at Large,                Paul Reddick

Professionally, Paul has served in leadership positions in finance and as owner of a manufacturing company with operations in the United States and Asia. Paul’s  boating career began after moving to The Landings in 2009. He is a co-founder of SIBC and  an active member in the local Rhodes 19 club, even to representing The Landings in national Rhodes 19 competitions. Although he started out at The Landings owning a power boat, he shortly recognized his passion was sailing. The power boat was traded for sailboats; plural. His personal fleet includes a partnership in a J-22 and a J-24 for racing in local events and regattas and his personal sailboat, a J-100,  for sailing  other days of the week. Paul was instrumental in developing and coordinating the first annual Low Country Hook Ocean Race of 2016. Email:

Director at Large
Paulette Hamilton

Paulette has been integral to club activities from the outset in 2015. In 2016 she joined the Board officially as Secretary and in 2017 she was elected as a Director at Large.  Her hand is somewhere in every activity and effort be it social, membership or planning! Besides dedicating a significant amount of time to SIBC, Paulette finds time to fish and power boat both here and abroad. You will find pictures of her fishing and even her recipes at On the Water, Members Fishing! Email:

Jake MasterTreasurer,
Jake Master

Jake has been involved in SIBC since the idea was first proposed. He has contributed in many capacities besides acting as Treasurer and Secretary. Jake was the leader in formalizing Skidaway Island Boating Club as a non-profit corporation in Georgia. Along with the other founders, he has dedicated hours to planning, networking, and facilitating in all areas. He was instrumental in organizing the Low Country Hook Ocean Race of 2016 and co-chairs the Hook Ocean Race 2017.
Jake has been sail boating for over 45 years, starting with a library book “How to Sail” in his lap. He is active in the Rhodes 19 program, a loyal crew on friends’ boats and single-handed captain of Masterpeace, a 39’ sail boat in Landings Harbor. His study full of trophies and pictures catalog years sailing on Lake Erie and Lake Michigan. Professionally Jake was a chief financial officer charting course for several entrepreneurs.

Jane Master

Jane became actively involved mid-2015 when Paulette suggested she develop an SIBC newsletter. John Pufhal suggested the name, Skidaway Soundings, and Jane did the rest. After the newsletter, it seemed appropriate to go on and develop the club’s website: Besides the artwork and most of the verbiage, she spent endless hours googling to figure out ‘how to make a website’! In 2017 Jane also takes care of the member database and was appointed secretary to the Board. Jane began boating 62 years ago with her parents and quickly deduced Jake was the right man to be her husband when he showed her a picture of his sailboat, 40 years ago.  As First Mate on various sailboats Masterpeace, she has sailed, raced and boated primarily on Lake Erie and Lake Michigan before moving to Savannah.
Email: (Sec’y, Newsletter)

Rhodes 19 Fleet Captain
Mark Winters

 Mark Winters and his wife Belinda moved to the Landings because of the beauty of our waterfront community. Mark began sailing as a member of the Landings Rhodes 19 Sailing Club and in 2017 he is Fleet Captain. He enjoys both recreational sailing and racing. As principal of South Effingham High School, Mark’s daily activities are anchored in education and in learning. Mark envisions his combined passion for recreation on the water and learning as the means for expanding sailing and boating opportunities on Skidaway Island. Email:

Social Director
Linda Dew

Linda has unending energy and enthusiasm for everything she undertakes. SIBC harnessed not only her organizational experience but also her boundless energy by naming her Social Director in 2016. Since then, she has been steadily organizing and refining club social activities. Besides being instrumentally involved in all aspects of each social event herself, Linda has developed dedicated and enthused co-chairs and assistants who also put in hours and hours of effort on every social event.

Professionally, Linda retired as Executive Assistant to the President, Northwestern Connecticut Community College in Winsted, CT. She was active in her community as director, co-chair and member on multiple community and church  and philanthropic local and national efforts. Whew!

Is it prophetic that her street is named Sundew Road? In 2013 Linda jumped in right as Executive Asst for the Savannah Book Festival (2013-2015). She has likewise been active in New Neighbors and Landlovers, (currently co-chairing Landlovers Games Day). After all that “work” effort, Linda still has time and energy to play and is a member of a winning Bocce team as well!

After all that, you can see why SIBC is delighted that she is willing to also turn her attention and efforts to SIBC!