Cruise to Hilton Head 2017

What a Success!

More than 30 people, and 8 boats left Landings Harbor Marina on Mar 31, returning either Apr 1 or 2. We have a Report from our Commodore, Lee Carroll, (aboard The Darkside”), an unsolicited Thank You note, (below),  PicturesThey all tell the same story….

The trip was possible because of the efforts both the water-side and land-side of the event. On the water: Lee Carroll, (Commodore, aboard The Darkside), Todd Williams, (aboard Grand Cru), and  George La Penta. On shore: Roger Herrick and Paulette Hamilton that contributed.

A Thank You
“We didn’t want to let another day pass without thanking both of you for hosting us on the boat trip to Shelter Cove.  What a great time and great group to share a weekend with.  The weather was beautiful, the marina was first class, The food and good conversation was the best.

You have a great boat and I admire Lee’s ability to captain and guide us safely to the port.  …see you at the next event.”

Report from the Fly Bridge
Our Commodore’s Report –  We held our first overnight cruise to Hilton Head on April Fool’s day weekend at Shelter Cove Marina. We had 8 boats and around 35 people. Those that didn’t stay on their boats stayed at the Days Inn and the Marriott adjacent to the Marina and Arts center. Friday and Saturday evenings, we had cocktails and snacks on the pier in front of the Marina Office, then several groups visited the restaurants in the Marina. 

Many of our members had never been to Hilton Head or the Marina, so it was a real opportunity to see the island without having to get tied up in car traffic. There was a Dunes Buggy available to take us to the ocean and a restaurant overlooking the beach. I hear they served great Bloody Mary’s. The weather was fabulous, if there was a ranking higher than a 10, Saturday was it! In talking to the participants, everyone had a great time and want to do it again. So, maybe we will do it in the fall.

It’s always important to be courteous while boating.
On our trip to Hilton Head, most of us went via the ICW. When traveling the ICW, there are certain rules of etiquette most boats that regularly use the ICW follow. When passing another boat from behind, if you intend to pass on the port, sound 1 horn, to pass on the starboard side sound 2 horns. The boat to be passed should then sound the same number of horns to confirm. If you don’t have a horn, contact the boat to be passed on channel 16 to tell him your intentions. Always be courteous with your wake and clear the boat by at least 50 feet. 

The pictures tell the story!
Todd, aboard Grand Cru, took wonderful pictures of his trip, the scenery, and other boats too.  *Note: the picture of the GPS: that a shallow spot you might want to mark!

Mingle – Eat – Mingle – Two favorite pastimes!

Given the success of our first Overnight Cruise, I’m sure there will be another this summer. Watch the Skidaway Soundings and your email!

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