Circumnavigate Skidaway Island – April 25

This is SIBC’s first Flotilla of the 2024 Boating Season. The date of the Flotilla coincides with a 7.0 ft high tide at Romerly Marsh. We plan to take 3 or 4 boats from Delegal Marina at around 9:30 am, transit Adams Creek where there is a high probability of seeing Dolphins. From Adams Creek, you will be able to see homes on Skidaway Island. From Adams Creek, we will turn into Rhodes Creek and wind our way among the hammocks with great views of Wassaw Island and Skidaway Island. Rhodes Creek flows into the Wilmington River where we will transit to Thunderbolt for lunch. On the way to Thunderbolt you will have great views of Wilmington Island. Following lunch, we will boat down the Wilmington River to the Skidaway River, past Isle of Hope, down the Burnside River, down the Vernon River ending our circumnavigation of Skidaway Island at the Delegal Marina. The complete trip should take us 4 to 5 hours. The trip will cost each member participating boat gas, $15/pp, and lunch at Tubby’s. Click on the Pay Now button and pay for the gas for the number in your party. Boat assignments will be made as we get closer to the event.