Members Afloat – 2017

On the Water

We are just getting in news about members’ racing results in 2017.

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St Patrick’s Regatta
Sponsored by 
Geechee Sailing Club
Captain Todd Williams, aboard Grand Cru, took second place in the Non-spinnaker Class!

Windmill Harbour Regatta
April 28-30

Hosted by the South Carolina Yacht Club, on Hilton Head

SIBC memberTodd Williams, aboard Grand Cru, took 2nd in the Non-spinnaker PHRF Class.

SIBC member Paul Reddick, aboard his J-100 “Blu J”, took 2nd place in the PHRF class sailing his J-100,  “Blu J”.  SIBC members Jake Master, Mark Winters and Joe Witten crewed. The Blu J team (including Ed Owens) took 3rd place overall in very tight races in the Spinnaker Class. The results came down to a tie-breaker between 2nd & 3rd. Blu J did cross the line 1st in 3 out of 4 races over the 2-day regatta.

It was sunny and very blustery both days, with winds blowing 15-18, and occasional heavy gusts on the last weekend in April. In the final race Sunday, a particularly strong gust hit them from behind. With the main-sail fully out and the spinnaker flying, Paul’s boat rounded up and heeled sharply over to port. Crew member Ed Owens said “I just got my toes on the rail, and they were ankle deep!

sibc member Paul Reddick in the Windmill Harbour Regatta