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Fishing at Freeport Grand Bahamas
Paulette Hamilton traveled to Freeport Grand Bahamas for a week of fishing with Capt Black. They trolled the waters about 2 miles off shore on his boat, Sea Vee. Below is the monster barracuda Paulette hooked just in front of an approaching storm – and on the last day of fishing. What a grand finale!

Paulette initiates another Generation!
July 17th was Alessandra’s and Sebastian’s first fishing trip. Laurie and Paulette took them aboard Reel Therapy, anchored around Wassaw. They fished for almost 5 hours and caught a hammerhead shark (!) along with some croakers and 6 or 7 whitings. Ale caught the biggest, coming in at 13 inches!

It was a was a fun day … and another wonderful memory.

Paulette Hamilton and the Catfish
Paulette and catfish

Whiskers! Euw!
Paulette shared her recipe and said the Catfishh was delicious! If you want more information, write
Southern Fried Catfish


Paulette Hamilton and the Sheepshead

I caught the sheepshead while fishing off the dock at Delegal Marina… truly was exciting for me since it is such a difficult fish to catch.  It weighed in around 4 pounds, 17 inches. My good buddy, Randy Hill, helped with reeling it in, he also cleaned it for me.  I used Hoppin’ John’s recipe, except I didn’t chill the lemon butter, I spread it on the filets.  It is a nice, light white meat, subtle flavor. 

Recipe:  Sheepshead Recipe

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