May 6th Bar-B-Q/Sock Burning Event

Fun was had by all at the Annual Sock Burning Celebration.

The annual sock burning began in the Spring of 1978, when, after a snowy winter, boatbuilder Bob Turner bid his oppressive sock-wearing days farewell for the summer by throwing them into a campfire.

What was an act of defiance turned into a tradition, and soon marinas and boating clubs around the country will celebrate the return of Spring, Sperry topsiders, flip flops, and best of all, boating season. Turner stated to Baltimore Magazine that he was amazed at the lasting impression he’s made.

“It was never meant to be taken seriously. It just says, ‘Enough with the socks! Time to go sailing!'”  Or any form of boating…

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A community group that promotes boating and the recreational use of the waterfront of Skidaway Island
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